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Flanagan's Pub

not your average pub

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Flanagan's Pub
625 Saint Philip between Royal & Chartres in the French Quarter
11 a.m. to 6 a.m.
Click for Food Info & The Menu

Employee of the Month ;)

Community Info:

Alcoholic, out of shape smoker seeks able-bodied drinkers to get wasted with. :)

This is a community for Flanagan's employees and patrons to use to communicate special events, meet ups, parties, drink specials, employee schedules, share pictures and plan nights out. Feel free to use this forum for all things Flanagan's, we take suggestions too.

Try and keep posts centered around the topic of the bar, but informative posts and posts pertaining to important things happening in the city are allowed as well.

Pictures, please use an LJ-Cut for more than one picture, or large images.

Have fun and spread the word!!

Armed & Hammered - The Saint Philip Street Irregulars - Katrina 2005

Flanagan's Is Love *generated here*