Hot Tramp, I Love You So (strangelet) wrote in flanaganspub,
Hot Tramp, I Love You So

Final Bonneville Update

The boys didn't make it into the 200 mph club, but they did go faster than Hurricane Katrina's winds. The top run was 162 mph, that's about 180-185 on asphalt.

They did 5 runs yesterday, all without incident, but they noticed in the last 2 that they were losing speed but upping the rpms. Turns out that they wore out the super charger blades, they were no longer getting any boost. The super charger was fairly small this year, so they've decided to go bigger and better for next year, they're also going to change out the rear end. But they successfully pushed the car that they built to the limits of what it could do. They'll tweak and adjust and try again for the 200 mph club next year.

JT did the final run yesterday and did 78 mph, much to the amusement of the rest of the team. Andy did a final run this morning, but only managed 130 with the worn out super charger. They're currently cleaning the car, and then heading out for a well-deserved night on the town. They'll head back to New Orleans tomorrow afternoon, and yes, they are physically driving the car back as well. The super charger obviously doesn't effect the car's legal performance on the interstate. ;)

The first trip to Bonneville for the New Orleans Racing Team was a fantastic success!! For a team of guys who have never done this before and a driver who had never raced before, this is an amazing accomplishment!! Everyone at Bonneville knew who they were, where they came from and the story of the car and were all incredibly supportive of the team.

I'm SOOO Proud of Them!! And you all should be too.

Now go drink at Flanagan's and give the boys your support so they can buy that new super charger for next year. :)
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