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Hot Tramp, I Love You So

Updates from the salt flats

The boys had their first accident today at 11:30 a.m., nothing major. Andy spun out in the qualifying round for 150 mph, doing 162 mph. The spin just started as he was passing through the timing gates, so he ended up going through them sideways. He spun about 4 times, all 4 wheels on the ground, and managed to not hit a damn thing. Not the timing lights, not a cone, not a marker. He immediately drove back to the pits and then back to tech inspection to make sure nothing had been damaged in the car. Tech passed him again and told him to go get back in line to give it another go, saying "You're new at this, this is how you learn."

They made adjustments to the car, they put the smallest pulley on the super charger as they hadn't realized how much boost it was giving. When he spun out it was giving him 7 lbs. of boost, he was in 4th gear and at 4,000 rpms. They also taped up the grille.

The in car camera shows Andy being a cool cucumber, according to the crew he was just casually looking around while he spun around. *L*

It's all good news and they're back in line to give it another go.

When the pictures of all this are uploaded, they'll be in their photographer Amy Jet's Flickr before they're anywhere else if anyone wants to keep tabs. There's nothing from Bonneville there yet, but there is a number of galleries of the car and crew and work on the car before they left for Bonneville if anyone wants to peruse.

God speed the Stinkin' Linkin from the great city of New Orleans!!
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