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Stinkin' Linkin Update

I actually talked (as opposed to text msg) to Andy this afternoon as he stood in line to get licensed to proceed with the short track trials in the SL.

In case you didn't know, they actually DROVE the car out there, it wasn't towed on a trailer. They drove it the 2,000 miles. In 48 hours. With no sleep because the crazy bastards didn't give themselves enough time to get out there and actually stop along the way with all the adjustments they had to make to the Lincoln on the way out there. Andy says it was one of the most painful and exhilarating experiences of his life.

He says they are getting lots of support from the Bonneville staff and other teams, everyone thinks the project is an awesome idea and are being supportive and helpful.

They passed the tech inspection, which means they are cleared to race the 3 short track trials.

They run 3 trials on the short track, building up to around 175 mph. The 4th and last trial on the long track, the big one, the 200 mph and over one, can only be attempted if they make it through all 3 short track trials.

The short track is 3 miles long. Andy has to get it up to speed by the 2 mile marker, and keep his speed for a 1/4 mile, that's where they record the top speed in each trial.

From what he told me, the first short trial his recorded speed has to be between 100-125 mph, the 2nd between 125-150 mph and the 3rd between 150-175 mph.

If they make it through all 3 short track trials, they move on to the long track. The long track is 6 miles long. The car has to get up to as far above 200 mph as it can and hold steady before the 4th mile mark, and stay that way for a full MILE. That's where they record the speed in the long trial. That leaves the engine wide open for a full 18 seconds.


If everything goes smoothly, they should be running the long track on Friday.

I'll post updates as he calls, they're busy bees.
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